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Stone And Brick Work

man placing the hollow bricks

Masonry involves the construction of buildings and other structures using individual blocks. These blocks can be made from a wide range of materials. The most popular masonry materials are blocks of bricks or stones. Brick and Stoneworks are renowned for their long time durability and strength. They have been in use for centuries and have become refined over the years. Now using advanced methods, Stone and brick materials can be assembled to achieve various designs and patterns guaranteed to be substantially long-lasting and attractive.

Stone work

Stone arguably the oldest construction material and it is very much in use today. In the right hands, quality stonework can be built to be precise and attractive. Stone can be used for a wide range of residential and commercial construction projects. Some popular applications of stone masonry include the construction of flagstone patios, stone walkways, stone steps, dry stone walls, fireplaces and chimneys, and other forms of stone installation buffalo NY. We specialize in quality and precise stonework that are built to last for many years to come.

Brick work

Brick is another popular material that has been in use for years. The Egyptians built timeless structures that have stood for several centuries with bricks made from mud and clay that are formed into cubes and baked with fire. These solid construction blocks are still very much in use today and although they are still made in a similar fashion, they find a wide range of applications today. When built properly, brick structures are quite durable. They can also be stained into a wide range of materials. Today, brick is one of the most common materials for outdoor installations, and in some cases, other materials like concrete may even be stained and designed to give them the timeless appearance of brick. Our brick installation works at Buffalo Masonry pros exudes quality, craftsmanship, and skills.

Stone and brick retaining walls and other landscaping construction

While retaining walls can be made from a wide range of building materials, stone and brick remain the most popular options for constructing retaining walls. Other common materials that may be used include concrete, metals, or even plastic. Stone and brick retaining walls tend to be solid and strong enough enough to withstand pressure from the soil and water pressure from runoff. At Buffalo Masonry Pros, we specialize in the design of top quality landscaping features including retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, stone and brick walkways, stone and brick steps, and brick patio Buffalo NY.

Residential and commercial masonry Buffalo, NY

Brick and Stone materials offer several benefits as construction materials for homes and commercial buildings. They are less prone to dents, bending, burning, or rusting compared to other materials. This makes them the most sought-after material for building residential and business buildings. Brick and stone will retain their natural colors for several years which helps to maintain the value of your building. You can contact us at Buffalo Masonry Pros for all forms of commercial and residential masonry Buffalo NY, using top quality brick and stone materials.

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