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Masonry Repair

not level and broken bricks

Buildings built with masonry typically offer years of durable performance. Common masonry materials include granite, marble, concrete, and limestone all of which are designed to be strong and aesthetically pleasing. However, even the strongest of materials may begin to deteriorate either as a result of age, weather conditions, or simply because it was improperly done in the first place. When you notice your masonry getting damaged, you may need the help of professional masonry contractors Buffalo NY.

Our masonry repair services

At Buffalo Masonry Pros, we offer a broad range of masonry repair services including stone repair, brink repaints, wall rebuilds, lintel rust removal, and so on. In cases of serious damage, we may also replace and reconstruct the masonry completely. We work on masonry projects for buildings made with different materials. From bricks to concrete, paver, or mortar, our experts have the required skills and expertise to fully repair to restore the life and vibrancy of your building. Our masonry technicians have the skills and expertise for all types of Masonry jobs Buffalo NY. We offer cost-effective solutions that get you the best and long-lasting results on your masonry repairs.

Residential and commercial masonry repair

Buffalo Masonry Pros offers both residential and commercial masonry repair in Buffalo, New York City, and surrounding areas. We fix brick and stone installations in homes and all types of commercial properties including hospitals schools, churches, retail stores, and more. Our masonry repair services are geared towards helping you to replenish your building masonry and restore its vibrancy. We understand that cracks in building masonry can exposure your building to moisture and other things that may cause structural damage to your home or commercial building. This is why our experienced masonry repair experts work to carry out timely repair of the affected areas. In addition to carrying out quality repairs that will last for years, we also try as much as possible to match the repaired area with the existing brick and mortar so it looks just as good.

Historic masonry repair

Historic Masonry Repair is carried out on old historic buildings. These types of buildings require more specialized care compared to regular buildings. Carrying out masonry repair on an old historic building can be challenging considering the age, value, and the materials that were used on the buildings. However, we have the expertise required for such challenging jobs. If you notice cracks, loose bricks, or any other type of damage on your old building, call us to carry out a meticulous and comprehensive repair without compromising the appearance of the building.

Schedule masonry repair

Scheduling regular masonry repair helps to preserve the appearance of your home or commercial property so that it does not crumble or deteriorate. As buildings age, it is common for masonry issues of every kind to arrive. We have the required experience and qualifications needed to complete masonry projects swiftly and efficiently. You can get in touch with us to schedule masonry repair needed to restore the stone or brick surface to a condition that is just as good as its original.

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