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Chimney Repair

smoking chimney above the house

If you have a fireplace in your home, then chimney repair has to be included as part of the routine maintenance for your property. Although most homeowners don’t give much thought to it until serious damage has occurred, proper chimney maintenance and repair is required so that you can get the best value from your fireplace when winter comes. Failing to repair your chimney when damage occurs may also cause a fire hazard. To avoid all of these, you need to hire our services for specialist chimney repair Buffalo NY, for thorough inspection and repair of damaged parts of your chimney.

Why do you need chimney repair?

Although the masonry of your chimney should typically last for several decades, other parts of the structure may become damaged due to various reasons. The most common cause of chimney issues is harsh weather conditions. Continual exposure to moisture, frequent freezing, or thawing can lead to damage over time. Build up of substances inside the chimney may also cause damage. A less common type of chimney repair is chimney masonry repair. This may be required when you notice that the structural integrity of your fireplace has been compromised. No matter the type or cause of the damage, leaving these faults to linger can be dangerous. To ensure the safe operation of your home heating system when the time comes for it, repairing these damages as soon as they occur is important.

Chimney liner / relining chimney

One of the most important parts of any chimney is the chimney liner or lining. This protects the walls of the chimney from hot gases and other by-products of fires. A deteriorated chimney liner needs to be repaired to prevent a fire hazard. Without a sound chimney liner, the heat generated as fire burns in the chimney can affect parts of the home. If your home chimney liner needs to be replaced, you can call on the services of our professional chimney repair experts, we will inspect the type of liner installed in the chimney wall and its present conditions and recommend the best type of liner replacement that would work best for you.

Chimney inspection

Chimney damage is not always obvious from the outside. This is why it is recommended that you schedule chimney inspections without chimney repair technicians. We will look inside and outside your chimney and inspect it for signs of damage, deterioration of exposure to moisture which may cause damage over time. Some of the signs we look out for include loose and broken bricks inside and outside the chimney, presence of white stains on the exterior of the chimney, cracked crown, and so on. As with all types of home fixtures, discovering the problem sooner and getting it fixed now can save you from expensive repairs in the future.

Seasonal chimney maintenance

If you have a fireplace in your home, you must get it ready for use in the Fall and Winter by scheduling our maintenance service. Our professional chimney cleaning Buffalo NY will ensure that your chimney is just in the right conditions to get it fixed. Failure to clean your chimney before the temperature starts dropping will affect the indoor air quality in the worst cases can contribute to home fires. This is why you need to schedule regular Chimney maintenance and chimney sweep Buffalo NY.

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